"Sweko" website design

The goal: to design a website for dealers — a guide about "Sweko" lighting products.

The main menu is in header, the product menu is at left part of a screen. A big banner is customizable: you can upload any picture, set any link and change a subtitle. There are 4 the most interesting news below — an admin choose these.

The main page

When you put a cursor above a small picture of a product in a (level 3) catalog page, a big picture appears. You can switch wich type of an information is shown in a table: lighting parameters, sizes or a package info (use links in a header of the table).

The catalog page, level 3

The catalog page, level 2

There is a reference book of lighting parameters at the website

The information page includes all the young dealer could need: manuals, photos, catalogs in PDF, presentations and so on. When a browser window is too narrow, subtitles under the icons desappear.

Materials to download

The news page

Where to buy page

Más las cosas:

Main page banner

Main page banner

Information page icons

Catalog icon

Zoom icon

Web make-up and programming: Roman Fesco.

Please, take a look at another web-projects and don’t hesitate to order an own website design.