"Sky Tiger Production" logo and website design

The goal was to design a 2-languages logo and an adaptive website for the movie production company.

Sky Tiger Production logo on dark

There was only latin variant of the font used, due this reason I had to design cyrillic letters "П", "Й", "Г", "Д"and "Ш".

The main logo is the 1-st one. If it doesn’t approaches (for example, you cann’t make out a company name around the sign) or if it’s more convenient to use a horizontal logo — use the 3-d or 2-d one.

Use the 2-d or 3-d variants without "production" and using the last sign on page for marking with 5–15 mm width (of the sign). Also the last sign should be used for 1-color printing, engraving and embroidery.

There are 2 variants of Sky Tiger Production logo: for dark and light backgrounds.

Sky Tiger Production logo on light

The site is adaptive and draws up according to user’s device display size.

Design of Sky Tiger Production site

Design of Sky Tiger Production site

Design of Sky Tiger Production site

Mobile version

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