A website for Sergey Shamov

The goal: to design a musician’s website as "big pictures and glaring colors".

First of all we made some photos.

The main page consist of only the most needed info: photo of musician and the date of the nearest event.

The main page

An events shedule all past concerts goes to archive (but you can see them if you are so big fan .) You can see short notices in cells. When you push the cell, you see full story under the table.

Shedule page of musician site

A biography page

Photo gallery

Inside a photo album

Video gallery

News page

Text page template

An instruments page

A page with instrument description and video of Segrey's playing this instrument

Segrey’s engaged in study, and you can become acquainted with his works.

Articles list page

An article page

Contacts page

Web make-up and programming: Roman Fesko.

Please, take a look at another web-projects and don’t hesitate to order an own website design.