New CD release promotion with social nets’ pages

The goal: to promote a new Artyom Dervoed’s CD with a new design of his social nets’ pages and to push visiters to buy it on iTunes.

Реклама диска в оформлении социальных сетей {CD album advertisement on social nets' pages}

A "Facebook" page allows to design exactly what you want and you can use QR-code for example. But design of "Facebook" cover doesn’t work anywhere like this: your pad or smartphone kills an idea due an adaptive layout.

Реклама диска в оформлении Фэйсбука {CD album advertisement on Facebook page}

"Twitter" has an adaptive layout as well, but it doesn’t allow to use QR due its algorithm of JPG comression.

Реклама диска в оформлении Твиттера {CD album advertisement on Twitter pages}

"Youtube" offers 3 different sizes for a cover, but doesn’t help to use QR also.

Реклама диска в оформлении Ютьюба {CD album advertisement on Youtube pages}

"Vkontakte" has a fixed layout, but its algorithm of JPG comression doesn’t allow to use QR in a small size.

Реклама диска в оформлении Вконтакте {CD album advertisement on Vkontakte}

If you need to design your own a "Facebook", "Vkontakte", "Twitter" or "Youtube" page, please contact us.