Brandkupi. Design of the internet-shop

The main goals:
1) to design a multipurpose internet-shop that allows to sell almost any kind of products;
2) to realize a back-side that allows to set different access levels for specified groups of admins;
3) to design an adaptive front- and back-side.

Main page

The main page

An admin of the web-site can set wich theme of banners to use: a) like on the picture above; b) one super banner; c) one big banner and three small banners in a row below.

This web-site has some unique futures.

1. You can mark wanted categories first, then you push a big green button and get a set of any goods you wondered to see. The goods are listed on one page, without paging, and they becomes visible while you scroll the page. You can apply a lot of different filters and sort your set.

The difference — that you don’t have to switch between categories if you look for clothes, shoes and accessories (for example) at the same time. It lets you select different goods for the whole look.

2. Male and female categories are linked, and you can show a list of male and female goods at the same time. This unique difference will be very liked by couples looking for the clothes together and used to discuss their choice.

Catalog at brandkupi.ru

The catalog page

After you choose needed categories you can mark brands (if) you want (the list of brands could be sorted by alphabet or categories containing goods of the brand).

There are a lot of filters that can be apllied to your goods set: seasons, sizes, colors, price ranges, etc. — there is an algorithm that allows an admin to create almost any kind of filter and even combine them to groups.

A product page allows to know more about, to see photos (and videos — in future), to choose sizes and colors and so on, to read and to give responses, to put the product in "basket".

A product card page at brandkupi.ru

The product page

Such a big product catalog is needed in a group of admins with different access privilegies. There is a tool for a main admin in a back-side to create any ammount of groups of subadmins with absolutely customizable access.

Registration form at Brandkupi.ru

The registration form

A short-time registration allows customers to have some benefits (such as an orders history, an order status tracking and so on).

Orders list page ar brandkupi.ru

The customer profile page

Sales and promo page

The page about sales

News and articles pages are designed equally

The articles page

News and articles pages at brandkupi.ru

This web-site is adaptive. That’s why it looks perfect even at such long smartphone like the one below.

brandkupi.ru for mobiles

Web make-up and programming: Roman Fesko.

Please, take a look at another web-projects and don’t hesitate to order an own website design.